How to manage your drains at home

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You can’t see them, so you probably don’t think about them. But if something goes wrong with your drains, pretty soon you’ll be able to smell them.

That’s because the complicated network of pipes in your home has been specifically designed to block out sewer gases, remove solid waste and get rid of waste water. When you consider the average water consumption of a person in the UK clocks up to 180 litres per day, it’s crucial you keep your pipes flowing freely.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t let grease slip down your kitchen sink. It’ll solidify as it cools and cause a blockage pretty quickly. Instead, pour it into an empty can or something similar. Leave it to set and then throw it in the bin.

2. Love a proper coffee as a kick-start to your day? Just don’t throw the granules down the sink. They won’t dissolve and they can cause a backlog.

3. After you’ve washed your hair, collect any stray strands from the plughole and pop them in the bin.

4. From time to time, give your drains a helping hand by pouring a couple f spoons of baking soda down the plughole. Leave it for a few minutes. Then follow with a generous amount of vinegar and give it a good rinse.

5. It’s a good idea to fill your sink to the brim and let it drain every once in a while. It’ll help flush out any nasties lurking in the pipes.

6. Avoid using harsh drain cleaners. The chemicals are dangerous to your skin, they can damage some pipes, and harm the environment.

7. Never use a plunger after chemical cleaners. They could splash back and get onto your skin or in your eyes.

8. If you drop jewellery or any other item down the drain, turn off your water supply straight away. You’ll need to disassemble the pipes to get it back.

9. Never mix cleaning products. It can create toxic fumes and cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

10. If you’re ever in doubt, call a plumber.

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