How to get your home ready for winter

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There’s no denying it. Autumn is in the air and that can only mean one thing; winter’s on its way. Cold weather doesn’t just wreak havoc with the roads, it can spell big problems for your plumbing too. So here are a few ways to make sure your home is ready to cope with the chill.

Watch your water pressure

The first sign of frozen pipes is a drop in your water pressure. Call out a professional as soon as you spot it slowing down.

Let it flow

When the weather’s at its coldest (usually in the evening), turn your taps on and trickle a little water down the sink. A stream as wide as a pencil should be about enough. It helps to keep your water flowing. And flowing water cannot freeze.

Disconnect your garden hose

If you leave it hooked-up during cold spells, ice can form and pressure will build up in your water lines. This can cause leaks and line breaks. So as soon as the summer comes to a close, disconnect your hose.

Keep it constant

Keep your house above 55 degrees to keep warm air circulating and prevent your pipes from freezing.

Keep it closed

Close your garage doors and crawl space vents, especially if your water heater lives in your garage.

Clear the snow

Make sure your drains don’t get blocked by snow. If they do, it can cause indoor flooding, freezing and water back-ups.

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